Discover Myanmar in our travel blog

Myanmar opened doors to international travelers fairly recently, and with it came lots of travel blog entries about its uniqueness. For the first couple of years after that, it was the ultimate hit among everyone looking for new and unexplored paths and routes.

And then, we learned about the Rohingya Crisis. Ever since then, a tough moral question of whether it is ethical to travel to Myanmar remains opened for many. The answer to this question is based on a personal decision that each of us will have to make.

Our Reasons to Visit Myanmar and to Write this Travel Blog

As someone born and raised in a country that went through two revolutions within a decade, both caused by the rage of the people over the crimes that the government committed, we will say that often, actions of the authorities are not representative of the will of the nation.

Also as someone born to a family, where parents lived through the times of the Iron Curtain, we know for sure how hard it is to get back on the feet after being isolated by the international community. Not for the government. For the regular people. 

I hope that those of you who decided to explore Myanmar will find this section of the travel blog useful.

Things to Know Before Visiting Myanmar

Because it is a newbie to international travel, Myanmar has a lot of week spots in its infrastructure. It is one of the countries where things change very fast. This includes commutes between the cities, prices, availability of SIM cards for foreigners, and whatnot. 

Many of the tips and hints that we share here might be outdated by the time you get to the country. This is why we invite everyone with the latest on Myanmar to share the experience in the comments.