Ukraine named the country with the best national parks across Europe (research)

best national parks ukraine

Ukraine places first on the list of European countries as the one with the best national parks, study shows. Based on the TripAdvisor ratings, two other countries in the top-3 are Slovenia and Slovakia.

This is the conclusion that the research team at the energy comparison site came to when the team sourced European countries and all of the national parks, and then compared the average ratings on TripAdvisor.

Based on this comparison, Ukraine with its 8 national parks scores a rating of 9.73 on TripAdvisor. Its Carpathian National Nature Park is acknowledged as the best one in the country. The location is famous for its mountain hikes, clear lakes, and rivers. Another up-and-coming national park destination that’s been off the travel radars for the longest time but is worth exploring is Kinburn Spit National Park by the Black sea.

Other countries that earned their places on the top-10, after Ukraine’s national parks and based on the ratings across 100s of national parks are:

2. Slovenia, with an average rating of 9.72 for its Triglav National Park (we’ve got a great guide on the best hiking trails in this park).

3. Slovakia with its 9 national parks and an average rating of 9.69.

4. Bulgaria places fourth, scoring a rating of 9.64 for its 4 national parks.

5. Switzerland lands fifth place, with the research team pointing out 1 national park and an average rating of 9.60.

6. Denmark‘s 6 national parks earned an average rating of 9.58.

7. Austria‘s 7 national parks have a collective rating of 9.57.

8. The Czech Republic places eights with its 4 parks and an average rating of 9.53.

9. France earned its spot in the top-10, its 10 parks scoring an average rating of 9.49.

10. The United Kingdom with 15 national parks averages a rating of 9.45.

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