Why travel to Slovenia?

On our first car trip to Europe, we treated the country as a transit. It was a part of a convenient and fast route to get to Western Europe. That first drive-though and the views on either side of the highway (lush pine forests, mountains, cozy villages) made us realize one thing. This is definitely a country worth visiting, which we did later. Multiple times.

Based on a plethora of these visits, here come our series of Slovenia travel guides. During these numerous trips (just lake Bohinj itself will make you want to come back many times), we were lucky enough to make friends among the locals. So, this section will include not only our insights and travel tips. It will also feature valuable advice from the people that live in Slovenia.

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In a way, Slovenia is a perfect travel destination. It unites every possible experience within one country and adds an irresistible factor on top. We’re talking about its petite size and therefore, easy logistics. In the morning, you can be drinking coffee in one of the cozy cafes of Ljubljana. By daytime, you can be by the sea, in one of a few coastal towns. And you can end the day somewhere up in the mountains, either in a trailer camp or in a hotel bed.

While being so easy to move around and so rich in locations and activities, it is often overlooked by many. So, here’s the plan. Skip a visit to lake Como, and explore Slovenian Lake Bled instead. Or opt-in for hiking Slovenian instead of the popular Austrian trails. We’re not comparing any of these countries in favor of or against one another. The point is simply – whatever the experience you are looking for, Slovenia most probably can offer it.

Slovenia travel blog: How to plan your trip to the country?

Well, with so much to see, we’d suggest you reserve a few days for Ljubljana. This will allow you to explore the city, while at the same time taking day trips. To Vintgar Gorge, waterfalls, or lakes. Then, of course, save a couple of days for coastal Slovenia. And don’t skip the mountains with lots of hiking routes and extreme activities, such as canyoning down the Soca river.

What’s also great is that the country is friendly to any budget. It offers an array of options for the backpackers. There are also lots of boutique hotels, too. Those of you used to explore Europe by car, will be able to enjoy lots of camps in some of the most picturesque locations. We’re talking about Triglav, Lake Bojin, and many other sites.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Slovenia?

We happened to witness all of its seasons. It is beautiful on the Lake Bled in summer, and this is also a season to have a swim at the wild and refreshing Lake Bohinj.

Spring is the right time to explore the cities, and particularly Ljubljana. That Castle Hill will surely be more comfortable to climb when there’s no July sun around.

Fall is the period of the year when all the green hills gradually switch their colors to breathtaking yellows, oranges, and reds, and this is a palette to die for. As for winter, Slovenia has so much to offer to fans of winter activities!

Food to Try in Slovenia

Gobova Juha – this is delicious mushroom soup. It combines the creamy broth with all sorts of forest mushrooms. Add some sour cream and go for it!

Štrukli – boiled rolls of filo pastry and a filling of your choice. This can be cottage cheese, wild berries, chocolate, and so much more. The best štrukli are served atop a hill bordering Austria, a place called Dom na Kofcah, but we’ll get to that later.

Bovec – a local hard cheese made from raw sheep’s milk. May sometimes be mixed with goat or cow’s milk.