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Through a Travel Lens

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We’re Inessa and Natalie, and we’re sisters. This travel blog is for everyone, who is just like us – has a regular job and scheduled vacations, and is willing to make the most out of these long-awaited trips. This means always looking for a balance between visiting all the attractions listed online, and not being overwhelmed and stressed due to the lack of time.

In addition to popular travel destinations, Inessa shares tips about some of the best and hidden gems in our home country Ukraine, while Natalie gives professional photography advice that will help you bring great footage from your travels. Here’s our story.

Castles of Ukraine

...from East to West... Explore

Travel to Ukraine

Since we’re Ukrainian and rooting for our country to be more visible on the travelers’ list of places to visit, this travel blog also has a special section dedicated to Ukraine – its best cities, travel routes, stories, and insights about local life.