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Out of all the countries on the continent, Ukraine still remains one of the most affordable (if not to say the cheapest) places in Europe. And its capital Kiev is still the most-budget friendly destination for apartment rental longterm. Between this fact and the major tourism development over the past few years, this city starts seeing more travelers and expats coming in and staying for more than a month.

On average, it will cost from 300 USD per month to rent an apartment in Kiev. This is where the prices start for any recently renovated, 1 bedroom piece near the remote subway stations. If we’re talking about any estate closer to the city center, it will cost from 550 USD per month to rent a flat in Kiev.

The proximity of the subway will contribute greatly to the price, which is no wonder. The subway system in Kiev is not all that great, but it definitely makes life easier, especially for a visitor not speaking the language as it will help avoid the tricky land-based public transportation (trams, trolleys, and the notorious marshrutkas). 

Central or suburban Kiev apartments for rent: what’s better?

The locals that move to the capital and start looking for apartments for rent in Kiev, Ukraine, tend to stay away from all-places-central, meaning areas around Khreshatyk, Teatralna, Pecherska, and Zoloty Vorota metro stations. These are usually more expensive, which proves to be not a smart long-term investment, nor does it properly correlate with the average monthly Ukrainian salary (unless we’re talking top-management). The areas that are considered residential are around Obolon, Lukyanivska, Darnytsya, and Teremki, among others.

The expats and people that prefer slow-travel style, however, usually consider central apartments for monthly or longterm rent in Kiev, as it definitely comes with benefits like easier commutes, and more things to do around for leisure. Another trend for the visitors is renting houses in the Kiev suburbs, around Pusha-Vodyca, Teremki, or Druzhby Narodiv areas. 

What are the best online resources to use to rent apartments in Kiev monthly?

The three main queries for Kiev apartment rental are daily, monthly, and long-term, which means anything over 6 months. The first and second are usually the queries popular among tourists and slow travelers. In this case, Booking and AirBnB remain the best options.

The locals use resources like OLX, LUN, and Flatfy for Kiev to search for apartment long term listings. While we think it is a good idea to give any visitor considering a longterm stay in the capital the heads-up about these resources, we would not recommend using them unless you have a local representative by your side. 

Finding listings on these websites means making calls and talking with the realtors (who rarely speak English), as well as dealing with misrepresented apartments, occasional scam, meeting the owners, signing paperwork, and negotiating prices when the leases are up. 

Not willing to say anything bad about the people renting out their flats, but in Ukraine, this is still a very poorly managed business. The owners very often have no boundaries, like checking in on their property, leaving personal belongings in the flats, and sometimes raising fees before the contract is up.

With resources like AirBnB and the filter for apartments on Booking, the process becomes so much easier for a foreign visitor. There is a documented deal, you transfer money via a legit service, and you can count on proper representation should there be any dispute. There are also a few agencies in Kiev that specialize in renting apartments long-term for foreigners. Since neither of us used them, we can not endorse any, but we surely can inform you of this option, as well.

Best places to stay in Kiev

Kiev Apartment Rental Longterm 2.jpg
[CLICKABLE] Highlighted and recommended when looking for long-term -rental in Kiev: 1. Purple – Pechersk area. 2. Yellow – central area. 3. Blue – Podil area. 4. Green – Lukyanivska area. 5. Orange – Obolon.

Due to our 10+ years of living in Kiev, we have the first-hand knowledge and experience of where to stay in Kiev, and about its best areas for the long-term rental. We will be covering the six areas, which are Podil, Pechersk, left bank, Lukyanivka, Obolon, and the central apartments. Each of these places to stay in Kievhas its pros and cons, and hopefully, our review will help you make a decision about where to settle in the city.

Apartments in Kiev for rent monthly: the central area

Central area in Kiev might be suitable for long-term rental
Normally, we’d recommend central area in Kiev mostly for short-term rental, but there are quite a few streets around Teatralna and Zoloty Vorota, as well as Palats Sporty worth considering for long-term rental

When we are saying central apartments in Kiev, we mean anything around University, Khreshatyk and Teatralna (red lines), Zoloty Vorota and Palats Sporty (green line), or Lva Tolstogo (blue line) subway stations. These are all close to many points of interest and major attractions in Kiev. It will also most probably mean living in historic buildings and near all major commutes like metro and land-based transportation. This contributes both to the convenience, as well as the higher price.

Central area may be a good idea for short-term rental in Kiev, but not for the long-term rental
A view of Kiev from Bessarabsky market

On average, get ready to pay from 550 USD for a small but freshly renovated studio to 900 USD for a big and freshly renovated one-bedroom apartment.

Safety of the area

The only area we would truly try to talk you out of renting at is Khreshatyk. The main artery of the capital attracts hundreds of tourists, as well as scammers. We’ve lived in this city for over a decade. But even we are always on alert while walking through the main street. There is nothing that can be considered a major threat. But it is exhausting trying to get rid of people that sell all sorts of unnecessary services. Pick-pocketers also love this area. 

On the other hand, entrance to all the buildings is usually protected by the doors on codes or locks, and there is usually concierge staff at the entrance. Overall, you get your average minor risk of living in a busy downtown area.

Getting to the area

It is very easy getting around the central area. All major stations of all three lines of the subway meet here, so it is a maximum of 15 minutes by feet from where you live to the metro. There are also plenty of trolleybuses and public buses.

Kiev, parks in the central area
Not all of the center is crowded and busy. A bit further from Khreshatyk, there are lots of quiet and cozy parks

For any transportation, including cars, the morning and evening rush hours might be a bit of a headache, as the streets get clogged with traffic, and the metro wagons are jam-packed with people. Everyone who is trying to get home from work usually has to pass through any of the three connecting stations in the center. On the other hand, if all of your points of interest are in the area, you can simply opt-in for walking.

Food in the area

There is an abundance of cafes, pubs, bars, and great restaurants in the area. Some of the worst are, once again, around Khreshatyk. So, you might want to consider taking a closer look at such streets as Yaroslaviv Val, Shota Rustaveli, or Velyka Vasylkivska.

For great breakfasts in Kiev, consider Milk Bar or Kachorovska. As for some of the best bars, take a look at Barman Dictat or Loggerhead. For cuisines of the world, Mama Manana is a great Georgian restaurant, while Besarabka hosts The Vietnamese Privet, a fast-food cafe.

Things to do in the area

Lot’s of walking! Check out the remains of the old fortification near Zoloty Vorota, explore all the old houses around Teatralna, or take a walk down Andriivska, one of the oldest streets in Kiev. Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the famous square, to which the Ukrainians usually take to protest against any governmental injustices. Above it is the beautiful area listed as UNESCO World Heritage, with Sofyyvsky and Mikhailivsky cathedrals, the squares, and the scenic alley.

Apartments in Kiev for rent monthly: Pechersk area

Pechersk area is great for long-term rental in Kiev.
Pechersk area. Look for streets between Klovska, Pechersk, and Arsenalna metro stations.

The triangle between Klovska, Pecherska (both green lines), and Arsenalna (red line) metro stations has some of the best Kiev apartments. These areas are central enough, but also pleasantly remote from Khreshatyk and all the major tourist attractions.

Arsenalna is governmental quarters with cozy historic buildings. Klovska is where most of the expats head to for a comfortable longterm rental, and Pecherska is where many of the local wealthy people buy the estate. On average, the cost of rent per month for a recently renovated 1 bedroom piece starts at 480 USD. 

Safety of the area

It is a safe and prestigious area of the capital, with Arsenalna, in particular, being in close proximity to the governmental quarters. This means lots of security day and night.

Pechersk Hills in Kiev
Pechersk Hills are close to all the attractions that Kiev has to offer, but still have a nice residential feel to them

Getting to the area

Unlike the center that we spoke about earlier, here the subway is not always close to everything in the area. This means that you might need to get used to public transportation, walk more, or maybe, use Uber. Traffic jams often happen around Lesya Ukrainky boulevard in the mornings and evenings, and around Hrushevskogo, but other than that, it is a very comfortable place in the city.

Food in the area

There are lots of great places to eat, including cafes, haute cuisine, and delicious street food. Arsenalna is famous for its Dogs and Tails – one of the best bars+places for a perfect night out in the city. Also near this metro station, there is a big Food Marketplace with some of the most delicious street food, as well as Mushlya, where you can have great seafood for 1 USD per dish.

Klovska is where some of the coziest coffee shops are located, including Yellow Place. Also, if you are after some Asian food, there is fine dining in the area at the Bao restaurant. Some great Ukrainian bistros are centered around Pecherska.

Botanical gardens, Kiev
Botanical gardens are one of the reasons to look for long-term rental around Pechersk in Kiev

Things to do in the area

It is highly recommended to enjoy long walks in the Klovska area, with its iconic Lipky – the cozy quarter with historic buildings, theaters, and small parks. Arsenalna is famous for its Mariinsky park, old fountains, gorgeous panoramas of the Dnipro, and the governmental quarters. Near Pecherska, be sure to explore the old fortress, climb up the Motherland monument, one of the major tourist attractions, or relax in the Botanical gardens. 

Apartments in Kiev for rent monthly: Podil

Podil is among areas in Kiev recommended for long-term rental
Podil may be a great pick for long-term rental in Kiev, especially if you enjoy living by the water

This is a hip area that only recently became popular. About a decade ago, this was a quarter captured by the teens looking for cheap booze, as well as by goths, emos, and other groups. Walking here after 8 pm was highly non-recommended.

However, Podil recently reclaimed its former glory of the oldest and most artistic quarter in Kiev. It is now perfect for walks, wining and dining, and on-the-river activities. On average, the cost of rent per month for a recently renovated 1 bedroom piece starts at 350 USD. Do not expect it to be in a newly built house, nor will it be a historic building. Most of Podil’s apartments are in the buildings erected in the 80s.

Safety of the area

Certain remote areas of the quarter are still not very suitable for walks late in the evening, but for the most part, it is now an area of restaurants, museums, and fairs, with lots of light, security, and almost no risks.

Getting to the area

When we’re talking about Podil, we’re talking about two metro stations of the blue line – Poshtova and Kontraktova. Trams are popular in this area, and there is also a funicular taking passengers to the top of the hills, closer to Khreshatyk.

Podil area, Kiev
Podil is artistic and very laid-back, with lots of historic buildings

Some streets of Podil are pedestrian, and the rest of the streets are quite narrow, making it a bit challenging, but still possible to park if you consider renting a car.

Food in the area

Podil is the place to head to to get some of the best food and drinks in this city! Sagaidachnogo street is a pedestrian street with cafes and restaurants every 2 meters. Naprosecco, Drunken Cherry, and Win bar are among the most recommended bars. For great breakfasts with a view, head to the terrace of the Bursa hotel. As for seafood from the Black Sea, get a table at Chernomorka. Ohota na Ovets is the restaurant that offers some great wining and dinign.

Things to do in the area

Podil is all about walking. Explore the scenic streets Vozdvyzhenka and Andriivsky. Visit the Andriivsky cathedral. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel. Walk the pedestrian bridge to the Trukhaniv island. In summers, many locals head here to swim or to rent bicycles for an active day out.

Apartments in Kiev for rent monthly: Lukyanivska

Lukyanivska would not be a first pick for apartments long-term rental in Kiev, but there are quite a few good streets in the area
Not all of Lukyanivska is suitable for rental. However, Everything close to the Sichovyh Striltsiv street can be quite good.

Just a bit away from the city center in the direction opposite to Pechersk, there is a cozy and mostly residential area of Lukyanivska that stretches from the subway station (green line) to the Lvivska Square, where Yaroslaviv Val starts. The main artery of the area is Sichovyh Strilciv street, with numerous smaller alleys running deeper into the quarter. On average, the cost of rent per month for a recently renovated 1 bedroom piece starts at 550 USD.

Safety of the area

This is a safe residential area.

Getting to the area

Metro Lykyanivska is the closes subway and depending on where you stay in the area, you will either need to walk to it (15 to 20 minutes) or use trams and marshrutkas. Sichovyh Strilciv gets busy during rush hours, which makes it hard to move around by car.

Food in the area

Lots of family restaurants, such as Moments cafe, are available in the area, as well as coffee shops.

Things to do in the area

There are not that many historic locations in the area, so we’d recommend to explore the nearby central area or to head to Podil. Both of these are equally close to Lukyanivska.

Apartments in Kiev for rent monthly: Obolon

Obolon is the area that many locals prefer for long-term rental in Kiev
Obolon is far from all-things-central, but if you are looking for more of a local feel, as well as for a river view from the window, consider Obolon for long-term rental in Kiev

One of the newest areas in the city, Obolon is a residential area by the Dnipro river. Some of its buildings are old, but there are also quite a few new apartment buildings. These are great for longterm rental. They will not come cheap, especially if they offer panoramas of the river, but the view is well worth it. You won’t find many tourists or expats living here, as most of the people choosing Obolon are the locals.  On average, the cost of rent per month for a recently renovated 1 bedroom piece starts at 350 USD.

Safety of the area

This is a safe residential area.

Getting to the area

Obolon and Minska (blue line) are the recommended metro stations. Other than that, we’d recommend a car. The broad streets of the area are perfect for parking and driving, there is mild traffic, nothing extreme. 

Food in the area

Family restaurants of all budgets are available in this area. From Argentina Grill, which is good for a fancy dinner, to the Non-Branded Cafe for some great waffles and coffee, everything here is made to meet the needs of the people working in the city center and planning a cozy evening out with their family.

Things to do in the area

The promenade and park Natalka are great for outdoor activities. Kiev’s biggest X-Trim Park with SUP boards, wakeboards, kayaks, as well as gazebos for weekend picnics is just within 10 minutes by car.

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