France is one of those countries that we will keep coming back to time and time again. Simply because it is too diverse to visit it once and to cross it off the travel list. And also because each of its regions is so rich in history and landmarks that it is simply impossible to cover them all in one trip. Enjoy our France travel blog

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Why go to France?

I believe that even for the most non-adventurous of us, there is a country that will make one feel an itch for travel (it gets even worse if one is, in fact, adventurous). For ua, France is a never-ending itch.

Take Provence alone, we’ve been there too many times for someone with a plan to see as many destinations as possible around the world.

And we still want to go back, because we still have to see Camargue, and there’s Marseilles, and… oh…

In addition to so many beautiful landmarks around the country, there’s this joie de vivre. It catches up with us only when we travel across France. It is in the elderly couples putting on their fancy clothes and heading out for a glass of wine in the evening. One can experience it during that petit déjeuner when the time stops for coffee and a hot croissant. It is in many details on a daily basis.

And let us come back to the people in France real quick. It is pure joy to be welcomed at the local’s home for dinner. The appreciation with which they react to me putting together a few words in French is beyond any words. And their love for the country is such an inspiration.

As we were saying. Oh France, you make it so easy to fall in love with you.

The best part of the dinner comes after all the main courses were served. Appearing on the table, there are different types of cheese and a fresh baguette. Then everyone gets a small knife and a refill of wine. And the chat goes on for hours, without anyone diving into their phones to scroll, or check an e-mail, or… well, you know it.

What Is the Best Season to Visit France?

France is beautiful in any season. In summer, the region of Haute Provence is the place to be at, with its green fields bursting into lavender bloom, and the air filled with the sweet aroma.

Early fall or late spring is the perfect time to visit the French Riviera and certain areas of Provence. The heat of the summer is already gone. Many areas become accessible, including Camargue and Calanques de Marseilles.

Winter is a great time to head to Alsace and to indulge in the Christmas fares and celebrations held in many villages of the region.

And as for Paris… this city is good during any time of the year summer, fall, winter, spring…

Useful French Vocabulary

Merci. Bon journée! – Thank you, have a good day!

Je vais vous prendre un café noisette, s’il vous plait. – I would like to have coffee with milk, please. 

Excusez-moi. Vous savez où est…? – Excuse me. Do you know where…(when asking for directions)

Bonjour, on peut déjeuner? – Hello, do you serve lunch?

Vous pouvez répéter? – Can you repeat, please?