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There are lots of castles in Ukraine. You will find some of the most popular of them in cities and towns. Those are great, no doubt in that. But that’s nearly not all that Ukraine has to offer when it comes to castles. It is the rest of the landmarks, the ones that are hiding off the beaten path that we are after. These are scattered around the country, often afar from main roads. We are on the mission to eventually visit all of them.

Pidhirtsi Castle – An Architectural Gem Hidden Out In the Open

Pidhirtsi Castle 1.jpg

Join Us In Exploring One of the Three Castle Gems in the Lviv Golden Horseshoe It is amazing how you can take the same route many times, memorize its turns and landmarks by heart, and never be aware of what a detour of this routine route can hide. We’ve traveled from Kyiv to Lviv so […]