Top-9 Triglav National Park Hiking Trails

Hiking in Triglav National Park

(That Are Self-Guided, Absolutely Beautiful, and Can Be Done Within a Day)

There are countries that are famous and appreciated for their immersive experiences in busy cities, while others are renowned for their beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, amazing biking routes, you name it. However, for those of us looking to spend active vacations outdoors and hiking, Slovenia is an excellent option due to its numerous and stunning trekking routes. The locals are avid hikers, and Slovenia boasts miles of properly marked trails of varying levels of complexity. Among them, the Triglav National Park hiking trails stand out.

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Why Are Some of Europe’s Best Hikes in Triglav National Park?

Triglav National Park, located in the Julian Alps, boasts some of Europe’s best hikes. The park is the only one in Slovenia with national park status, named after its highest peak, Mount Triglav. Covering 4% of Slovenia, the park is like a treasure box filled with gems, from postcard-perfect lakes like Bled, Bohinj, and Jezero Jasna, to numerous waterfalls, rivers, and lush pine forests. Hiking in Triglav National Park is an experience suitable for everyone, from newbie hikers to experienced trekkers.

Discover some of the best hiking trails in Triglav National Park

Our Slovenian friend often jokes that after a day in the office, locals head into the mountains instead of the grocery stores, bars, or movie theaters. The following day, they share tips and hints about the Triglav hiking routes they’ve tested out. In the trunk of our friend’s car, there are all kinds of trekking gear, from boots to hooks and ropes.

While it is possible to write an entire book about the Triglav National Park hiking trails, we will focus on the relatively simple routes today. On one of the trails, there will be a section where you will need to apply some rock-climbing skills if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. However, for the most part, these are all easy to medium-difficulty hikes that you can do on your own within a day or less.

Getting Ready for a Trip to Slovenia: Things to Know Before Hiking in Triglav

  • 1. The easiest way to reach the starting points of many hikes in the Triglav National Park is by car. Slovenia is a small country with a convenient system of toll roads, as well as very good smaller roads leading to parking lots that mark the beginning of hiking trails. We recommend booking a car in advance and comparing available car offers and prices for the dates of your travel.
  • 2. Toll roads are usually included in the car rental price. However, travelers who drive their own cars will need to pay for vignettes. These are available for 7 or 14 days, or for a month, and can be purchased at any Slovenian gas station. It is essential to buy a vignette at the first gas station after crossing the country’s border.
  • 3. If you choose to stay in the city instead of one of the smaller towns or villages in Triglav, we recommend Ljubljana. It has a lovely city center, museums, old cafes, and plenty of exciting day trips that can be done between hiking days. The city has a lot to offer in terms of accommodations. However, during peak seasons, apartments and hotels are booked quickly. Plan your trip to Slovenia in advance and check accommodation prices in the country’s capital.
  • 4. Alternatively to Ljubljana, there is a cozy town called Kranj, which has easy and fast connections to many Triglav hikes. The town has a beautiful historic downtown with local markets, great cafes, and even a canyon that locals enjoy hiking in after work. Here is a comparison of prices for apartments and hotels in Kranj.
  • 5. Sundays in Slovenia are non-working days for non-essential commercial premises, including supermarkets, which means that shopping for hiking essentials may need to be done in advance.

Lake Bohinj in NP Trigval: An Easy 3-Hour Circular Hiking Route

Lake Bohinj is an absolute highlight of Slovenia. It is the country’s wild nature gem, with clear water and scenic mountains surrounding it. We recommend it as one of the best day trips from Ljubljana. But, if you prefer nature over cities, you can easily trade your nights in Ljubljana to stay at Lake Bohinj for longer than a day.

Tip: Compare prices for the best accommodations near lake Bohinj in Triglav.

Hiking around lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park
Lake Bohinj definitely deserves to be mentioned as one of the most picturesque and relaxing Triglav National Park hiking trails

The area around Lake Bohinj is rich in hiking trails. The circular route around the lake itself is the first one on our list of recommendations. Technically, it begins in the town of Ribčev Laz, but the starting point is not critical for this route. You can also begin the hike from the western part of the lake, where the camping area is located.

The trail around the lake is 11 km (6.8 miles) long, with a slight elevation. At a regular pace, you can complete it within 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water. Most of the trail is shaded by trees, so even on a hot day, the sun will not be exhausting.

The hike around Lake Bohinj is perfect for peaceful, meditative sightseeing. What’s really great is that in many areas around the lake, you can stop for a swim. Once you’re done trekking in this part of the Triglav National Park, stop for lunch and traditional Slovenian desserts in one of the many cafes and restaurants in Ribčev Laz. The town also offers plenty of accommodations for different budgets, as well as a camping site on the western side of the lake.

Duration of the hike: 2.5 to 3.5 hours

Difficulty level: Moderate, with slight elevation.

Starting point and GPS coordinates: Hotel Jezero, 46.277398, 13.886957

Tip: It’s well worth staying in the Lake Bohinj area for more than just a hike, as the area offers plenty of other exciting activities. Our recommendation is canyoning in the Bohinj valley.

A hike up Mt. Golica for daffodils and breathtaking views

This is one of the most scenic Triglav National Park hiking trails. It is also a bit more complex than the one around Lake Bohinj, so it will be a good idea to take care of picking proper hiking gear and gadgets.

The hike is perfect for early May, the season when the white daffodils bloom. But it is not only the flowers that will be the reward for this circular hike. In many ways, this is a route to the top of the world as part of it passes the Suha saddle with its breathtaking panoramas.

The path is of medium complexity. It starts as a moderate uphill walk in the woods of Planina pod Golico, and slowly turns into a steeper climb. Parts of the trail follow the clear mountain creek. 

Somewhere next to the koča is where many hikers give up as they discover no flowers. That’s the trick of this route. Just keep walking up. Everything from Krvavka to the Suha saddle will be covered in daffodils if you don’t miss the season. 

From the Suha saddle, the trail leads down to the Markljnova planina, and then to the Savske jame and back to the parking. The trail is marked.

Hiking here is better on the weekdays, as the trail gets really crowded during the weekend.

Duration of the hike: 6 hours, circular.

Complexity: Medium.

Starting point and GPS: Planina pod Golico, 46.4706, 14.0599.

The Peričnik waterfall and Triglavska Bistrica

For some, this may be two hikes in one. If you only have that much time, we recommend exploring the Peričnik waterfall, as it takes no more than 30 minutes. If you are feeling adventurous, the waterfall will only be the starting point for one of the loveliest Triglav National Park hiking trails.

Looking for Triglav National Park hiking trails? Try Perichnik
We’ve returned to this beautiful waterfall numerous times when visiting Slovenia. Definitely, one of the most favourite Triglav National Park hiking trails for us!

So, head towards Koča pri Peričniku and leave the car on the parking lot. From where you are parked, you will be able to see the beautiful Peričnik waterfall. It is one of the highest in Slovenia, and it has two levels. The climb up is quite steep and challenging, but mostly because in many parts, it is slippery. So, wear comfortable shoes.

It will take you about 10 minutes to get to the lower Peričnik, and about five to ten more to get to the upper part of the waterfall. Here, the powerful streams of clear water rush from the top of the mountain, creating rainbows in splashes. Be sure to also walk behind the waterfall, into a small cave. The entire experience is somewhat fairytale-like, and the power of water is absolutely mesmerizing.

Perichink on one of the best Triglav National Park hiking trails

Back from the waterfall, you can continue the hike towards the Aljaz Lodge in the Vrata Valley. This is a beautiful part of the Triglavske Bistrice trail along the river. It is also quite simple, and most of it is hidden in the shadows of the trees.

Duration of the hike: From 30 minutes to 2.30 hours.

Complexity: Medium, wear non-slippery shoes, and maybe, bring a raincoat.

Starting point and GPS: Koča pri Peričniku, 46.438738, 13.896313.

From Gozd Martuljek to Lake Jasna (Jezero Jasna)

The gates to the Triglav National Park, the Jasna valley and the lake are not to miss. This is an artificial lake, and fairly recently, it received an upgrade. Count on a clean and organized beach with lots of activities around, from sunbathing to rafting. Peaks of the Triglav mountains are a perfect backdrop to the clear emerald waters of Jezero Jasna.

This is a simple hike that should not take you longer than 3 hours. It starts at Gozd Martuljek, from where you will follow a marked trail. It will lead you along the rivers Sava and Pisnica towards Kranjska Gora (from here, you can also consider hiking to Martuljek waterfalls). 

Past the point of the wooden house pri Ingotu, the road turns into a trail in the woods. Here, a few steep descents will be on your way as you reach Tofov graben, and afterward, the downhill path will be more gentle.

While this route may not involve as many breathtaking views as some other trails, we really appreciate it for a chance to maintain a steady pace, and to escape the crowded popular hikes. Plus, a dip into the lake at the end of the trail is a nice reward.

Duration of the hike: Up to 3 hours one way.

Complexity: Simple. Bring comfortable shoes, walking sticks, and water (and maybe a bathing suit).

Starting point and GPS: Gozd Martuljek, 46.482347, 13.838122

Trenta Valley and river Soča hiking

The river Soča with its incredible turquoise color of the water is definitely one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. And hiking by it in the valley surrounded by the Julian Alps is an absolute pleasure!

Soca from Trenta Valley is one of the most popular Triglav National Park hiking trails
…the beauty of this mountain river is just mesmerising…

To explore the true beauty of the river, head to its source in the Trenta Valley, and leave the car on the parking. There are two ways to hike the Soča river as this is one of the longest Triglav National Park hiking trails. Its length is 20 km (12.5 miles). So, you can either hike parts of it or make it till the final destination in Bovec and stay for the night.

The list of noteworthy stops on the way are the Boka waterfall (the highest one in Slovenia), and the Tolmin gorges, as well as the alpine botanical garden, a stone shaped like a piece of cake, and Mala and Velika Korita.

The trail is mostly by the river, with slight elevations here and there, and numerous footbridges that definitely add a flavor of adventure to the route.

Duration of the hike: From 2 hours to a full day.

Complexity: Medium.

Starting point and GPS: Koča pri izviru Soče, 46.409709, 13.725389

Vršič Mountain Pass to Poštarsky: hiking to send a postcard

Vršič is Slovenia’s highest mountain path. Built by the Russian POW, these are 50 scenic hairpin turns with lots of landmarks to explore on the way. This is if you travel by car. But the area is also quite hikeable (is there even such a word?).

On the hairpin turn #49, take a side road towards Koča pri izviru Soče – parking by the source of Soča. Alternatively, you can shave two hours off the hike if you drive to the parking by the Vršič pass.

From the first parking, this will be a 3-hour hike of medium difficulty. The trail is marked, and it leads towards Vršič. Most of the walk is a steep route up into the mountains, but at a certain point, the views will be so worth it!

You will get to see the Pelcev mountain ridge, as well as the majestic peak of Bavski Grintavec. A trail will eventually switch to the asphalted road leading to the last parking before the pass. This is where you can leave your car if you’d prefer a 20-minute picturesque walk to the full-on hike.

The final destination of the hike is Poštarsky Dom na Vršiče, the house of Vršič. From here, you can send a postcard.

Duration of the hike: 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the starting point.

Complexity: Medium, includes a long uphill route.

Starting point and GPS: Koča pri izviru Soče, 46.409709, 13.725389

From Lake Bohinj to the Savica Waterfall: Hiking Trail

While we already covered a basic Lake Bohin hiking trail, we can not leave the route to the Savica waterfall unmentioned.

A much more demanding route, it will require walking uphill, as well as some stamina. Although, there is a small cheat…

…which we will get to a bit later.

Mountains in Mojstrana, Slovenia
Can the mountains in Slovenia be any more beautiful?

Meanwhile, if you are up for a challenge, we offer to start at Stara Fuzina, by the Gostline Bohinj pr’ Mihovic. Cross the bridge across the river Mostnica, and head towards the lake. Out of this 20 km (12.5 miles) long hike, most of it will be around the lake. However, instead of heading for the circular route by the camping area, head up towards Koca pri Savici. 

Here comes a little cheat. Up till this point, you can drive by car and leave it on the Koca pri Savici parking (which you will need to pay for). However, from here on, it is strictly hiking up, about 20 minutes or so.

The trail, though challenging, is absolutely beautiful. Because the location is quite touristic, most of it is the stone stairs. They hide among massive grey rocks covered in moss and are squeezed between tall old trees. A few minutes after you leave the Koca pri Savici, at the crossroads, take the marked trail across the stone bridge.

The hike ends in the gorge, from the top of which the clear and powerful stream of Savica falls. The waterfall’s source in the Black Lake higher up in the mountains. Next to the waterfall, there is a gazebo with the breathtaking panorama of the valley. 

We recommend taking a trail on the opposite side of the lake on the way back to Stara Fuzina.

Duration of the hike: 5.30 – 6 hours.

Complexity: Difficult, expect steep elevation.

Starting point and GPS: Gostline Bohinj pr’ Mihovic, 46.288768, 13.894697

Hiking from Lake Bled to Mala Osojnica

One of the hidden gems in the Lake Bled area is Mala Osojnica. This is a mountain with a postcard-perfect view over the valley and the lake. It is a relatively simple hike that goes up from the very beginning of the trail.

Hiking in Lake Bled
That postcard-perfect view of Bled is definitely worth a hike

Mostly, the route runs through the forest, but there are some spots open to the sun. So, it is better to do the hike early in the morning. Plus, an uphill climb rarely marries the summer heat happily.

Most of the trail is fairly uneventful in terms of sightseeing. The closer you get to the top, the better are the panoramas of the lake, though. After a long and steep set of stairs, there is a lovely bench that invites to sit and admire the views (and is flooded with everyone who dreams of the Instagram-perfect shot).

The bench is not the end of the trail, however. Just some ten more minutes up, and you reach a terrace with the iron fence. From here, Mala Osojnica offers its lovely views of the valley.

Duration of the hike: 40 minutes.

Complexity: Medium, requires comfortable shoes and a bottle of water.

Starting point and GPS: 46.359009, 14.085234

Hiking from the Savica waterfall to the Double Lake

Recommended by the local as one of his favorite hiking routes, this one is quite demanding. At a certain point, it will require holding on to cables but still won’t call for special equipment. But is you are ready to face one of the most challenging Triglav National Park hiking trails on this list, here are the details.

The path starts at Koča pri Savici, and immediately immerses into a demanding route up to Komarča. Somewhere along the way, a broad road turns into a slippery and rocky, as well as a steep path up the mountain. Parts of this trail include steel cables to hold on to. A reward for this boost of adrenaline is a beautiful view over Lake Bohinj.

The adventures don’t stop here, however, as the next part of the trail is the gorge that you will need to cross holding on to cables. From the top of Komarča, it is a moderate downhill walk to the Black Lake. 

From here to the Double Lake, it’s another couple hours of hiking, and the route will switch from uphill to a winding path and back. At the final destination, the Koča pri Triglavskih Jezerih (a house by the Triglav lakes), you can count on a well-deserved rest and a cup of herbal tea (or something more nutritious).

Duration of the hike:  4 to 5 hours one way.

Complexity: Difficult, involves a lot of uphill hiking.

Starting point and GPS: Koča pri Savici, 46.290062, 13.802456

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Top-9 Triglav National Park Hiking Trails

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